Support Dactyl Review, created by and for the literary fiction community.

writerDactyl Foundation’s Literary Fiction $1,000 Award:

Does not have an entry fee.
We want the small and the large publisher, the struggling and the wealthy author to have an equal opportunity to enter.

Is not limited to new books.
Any literary fiction book by a living author published in any year is eligible for the award. We know that it is hard for authors to keep track of deadlines. We know that good books are often overlooked the year they come out.

Does not accept nominations from authors or publishers for their own books.
Most awards expect the authors and/or publishers to nominate their own books. Dactyl seeks less-biased nominations and only accepts nominations from other published literary fiction authors. A book is nominated when another writer reviews it on Dactyl Review.

Does not require the author or publisher send in copies.
Most publishers are happy to send us free copies for review, but we know that every sale counts. Dactyl Foundation purchases a copy of every book entered. This is just another way we say to authors, “We value your work!”

You can help us award great authors. It’s easy and costs nothing. Every time you shop on Amazon, enter the Amazon site through this link. At no additional cost to you, Amazon will donate 6% of your total purchase amount, regardless what you purchase, to Dactyl. Bookmark the link and use it all year long. Or you can make a tax-deductible donation outright by clicking the button below.btn_donate_LG

See more info on award details.


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