I want DR to review my book

I want DR to review my book. What do I do?
Dactyl Review is a community of reviewers, literary fiction writers, like you. We do not have reviewers on staff. All the reviewing is done by the community. If you would like to become involved, review a literary fiction novel and post it here.  Then you can offer your novel to others for review here. If you like, you can offer to do a review exchange with one of our other reviewers whose books are offered here.  If a literary fiction writer has already reviewed your book, you can ask that writer to submit the review here. If you are already a reviewer on Dactyl Review, you can submit a book announcement here.

Read more about our mission here.

2 thoughts on “I want DR to review my book

  1. Hello. A while back I reviewed Dennis Must’s “Hush Now, Don’t Explain.” It is time now to ask if I may either send you a novel for review, or as suggested in your note, have another reviewer, in this case Nicole Disney post a sterling review of my novel “Citadel.”

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