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Who Can Submit a Review
Any published literary fiction writer can contribute a review.  A contributing reviewer must provide a title of one or more of his/her own book-length works of literary fiction to qualify. Reviewers should also provide a link, if available, to their own author or publisher websites.

What to Review
We accept reviews of books both new and not-so-new. In fact, we encourage reviewers to consider the under-appreciated and older titles of any contemporary author. Only reviews of book-length “literary fiction” will be accepted, including short story collections. We accept reviews of books that have already been reviewed on this site. You can also submit any review that you have posted or published elsewhere, as long as you have permission to do so. Note: Beginning in 2014 only reviews of living authors will be accepted–but we also accept new translations of classic works.

How to Submit a Review
Enter your review in the form below.   (To indicate italics, use  _italics_ = italics.) Please pick two words or phrases that describe style and/or influence (not subject or genre, see tag cloud for suggestions).  Also please include a 200-500 word excerpt from the book that illustrates the author’s style best. Put the excerpt at the end or better yet, incorporate it into your review. Reviewers should support all opinions with evidence from the writing. A review of a work of literary fiction should focus on writing style. Do not merely summarize the plot, discuss whether or not you liked the story or the characters. Define and describe the writing style and explain how it works. See “how to write a book review” here.  Reviews must be 500-2500 words in length, excluding excerpts.

Your review will not be posted immediately, but will be held for moderation. If you submit more than ten acceptable reviews, you will be given a username and password and the option to add more reviews directly.

Poorly written, unfair or inappropriate reviews (i.e. reviews of books that cannot be called literary fiction) can be critiqued and voted off the website.

Other Things You May Want to Know
Dactyl Review will not hold copyright on any review and you are free to publish elsewhere.  This site is maintained by Dactyl Foundation.


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